This training is designed for end-users, content administrators, managers and analysts who create and share analytics reports. 

  • Using Power BI environment 
  • Using and understanding out of the box analytics reports
  • Sharing and exporting reports in Power BI, including email, CSV and PDF
  • Publication of Power BI reports within Office 365
  • Creating customized reports in Power BI



Training Duration 

Training Overview

Phase A

Basic End-User Training

High-level overview of CardioLog Analytics SaaS


1 hour

  • What is CardioLog Analytics SaaS?

  • Introduction to Power BI

  • How to use filters and slicers

  • How to drill down on report data

  • Analytics reports gallery overview - basic

Phase B

Basic End-User Training

Q&A for end-users

1 hour

  • Re-cap Phase A

  • Q&A

Phase C

Advanced End-User Training


1 hour

  • How to export reports in Power BI

  • How to publish reports Power BI reports

  • How to subscribe to reports

  • Ask a question feature

  • Analytics reports gallery overview - advanced

Phase D

Advanced End-User Training

Custom reports building 

1 - 2 hours


  • Re-cap Phase C

  • How to create custom reports

  • How to use data fields

  • Q&A

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