This report shows the last page a visitor viewed before leaving your web site. This can be used as an indicator of the effectiveness of your content, site architecture and navigation. Use the data to determine if most visitors leave your site from the pages you want them to or if they end their visits prematurely. If large numbers of visitors exit from a particular page you might want to improve the navigation both towards and away from that page, or update its content. The information in this report can be used effectively in combination with various navigation reports. If your most popular entry page is also the most popular exit page, you may want to improve its navigation to help drive visitors towards other pages in your site. A high percentage of exits from a page may indicate that the page is confusing or that it does not function as intended. Alternatively, if your visitors are leaving your site from a "Thank You" page or after completing a transaction, you can confirm that visitors are navigating your site easily. 


Exit Pages Report

Available Report Widgets

Meter, Chart, Table

The chart and meter widgets show the total number of pages exited during the selected time period for your SharePoint site.

Table Widget

The Exit Pages table widget displays pages that users exited your selected SharePoint site from. The Exit Pages table widget contains the following columns:

  • Title - The title or URL of the page
  • Exits - The total number of exits from the page during the selected time period.
  • Views - The total number of times the page or document was viewed during the selected time period.
  • Exit Rate  - The percentage of times a specific page was the last page in a visit to your web site.
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