This report displays the first page visitors view during a session, sometimes known also as the entrance page. You can use this report to help find pages that encourage further navigation of your website, and identify pages with high bounce rates that could use improvement. If you have visitor segments configured in CardioLog, you can also compare how pages perform between different groups of people.


Landing Pages Report Widgets

Available Report Widgets

Meter, Chart, Table

The chart and meter widgets display the total number of entry pages for your SharePoint website over the selected time range.

Table Widget

The Landing Pages table widget displays every page that was visited as a landing page at least once during the selected time range. The table widget contains the following columns:

  • Title - The title or URL of the page.
  • Entrances- The number of times the page was the first page visited in a session.
  • Views - The total number of times the page or document was viewed, regardless of navigation path.
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of visitors who view only their landing page before leaving your website.
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