This report displays a detailed list of activity for a selected visitor. The Visitor Activity report includes a complete log of all user activity, grouped into individual visit sessions, which are sorted by date and time. User activity includes page views, page visit and total visit duration, new traffic sources, completed goals, IP address, OS and browser type.

To view the activity information for a specific user you can:

  • Click on a specific user from the Unique Visitors table widget and select Visitor Activity from the contextual menu.
  • Edit the widget preferences to highlight a specific user in the Users and Groups filter item.

Note: To maximize the accuracy of information in this report, first configure integration with Users and Groups.

Depending on what type of SharePoint site you've designed, Visitor Activity gives you a more complete picture of who your potential customers are. You can use the information presented here and alongside other Visitor Reports for a wide array of insight.

  • Understand more about each visitor
  • ­Get visitor demographics reports and segments
  • ­Analyze visitor behavior, click paths and multiple channels
  • ­Link potential customers’ information with their activity

Viewing Visitor Information alongside this report 

With aggregate data you can know the overall number of times a page on your website has been viewed – but it’s also important to remember that each view represents an actual person. The old model of web-­only analytics is gradually being replaced by a more sophisticated person-­centered approach that can lead you to a whole new mine of information. With Intlock’s visitor profiles, you can learn a lot about your potential customer – from which sources drove them to your website, through to the route they took to conversion. Our detailed reports allow you to go back and look at every click an individual visitor took even on past visits, to know which pages they viewed and which of your goals and funnels they completed. Our visitor profiles also enable you to know your potential customer’s location, company, their SharePoint submissions and more.

Visitor Activity Widget

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