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The CardioLog SaaS offers an API endpoint to create an eventserver-side API allows you to send events to CardioLog SaaS from any custom application.

In order to create the event, create an HTTP web request as described below:


Code Block
POST /cardiolog/api/server/events

Note: Contact Intlock Support for the host address.

Request body


tidGUIDYour tenant ID. Contact Intlock Support to get your tenant ID.Yes
etstring (max length 50)Event type (predefined or custom type). See list of predefined event types below.Yes
ctDateTimeClient timeNo
ctostring (max length 6)The offset from UTCNo
sidstring (max length 50)Session id. Used for grouping multiple eventsNo
urlstring (max length 1000)The URL of the visited pageNo
unstring (max length 256)User name. The user principal name for identifying a userNo
uastring (max length 1000)User agentNo
metaJSON object (max length 255 for key and value)Metadata. Key-value string collection, containing metadata.No