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One of the benefits of using CardioLog Analytics on-premise is a complete ownership of your own data, on your own servers, which allows you to control both privacy and security. This also means that server maintenance and database health is the customer's responsibility, including software and hardware upgrades. A well maintained server and database helps increase performance and supports smooth operation.


  1. Install the CardioLog application and database on dedicated servers that meet or exceed the recommended hardware and software requirements.
  2. Upgrade the product to the latest version. To find out what your product version is, go to Administration > Product License.
  3. Monitor the operating system and database.
  4. Schedule all CardioLog service jobs to execute during off-peak hours, while no other system jobs are running (eg., System backup, SharePoint search crawl, etc.). By default all CardioLog service jobs are scheduled to run every day at midnight, except Usage Data Processing which runs every hour.
  5. Configure email alerts for scheduled services and event collection thresholds that will be sent to the system administrator.
  6. Execute this script against the CardioLog database to learn about your current database size, the amount of usage data that you have, index fragmentation rates and more.
  7. Reorganize and rebuild database indexes with high fragmentation rates.
  8. Archive history data to free up disk space on the database.
  9. Delete unused reports and optimize existing reports. You can execute this script against the CardioLog database to retrieve a list of all reports in your system that includes the following details: report path, report name, schedule type, owner, number of widgets, website item filter and date range filter. 


There is no need to consult Intlock support before shrinking the database /Data data files.

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