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To integrate SharePoint User Profiles into reports, first begin by configuring a new visitor segmentation source, and then continue by following these steps: follow these steps:

  1.  In the Administration section of the navigation pane, click System Configuration, and then select SharePoint Tree Adaptor.
  2. Select your SharePoint farm.
  3. In the SharePoint Tree Adaptor dialog, fill out the following fields:
    • SharePoint Profile Database Name - Add the db_datareader SQL permissions to the CardioLog service account for the SharePoint profile database.
  4. Configuring a new visitor segmentation source
  5. Title your SharePoint Category.
  6. Select the SharePoint Adaptor version you would like to access from the drop down menu if the correct one isn't chosen automatically.

    User Category Management - SharePoint Categories Service

  7. For Categories, click Add to include any additional category types you would like available in all relevant reports.

    SharePoint Categories Service dialogue window - Add Categories

  8. In the SharePoint Categories Service dialogue window, search for any category types you would like to add.

    SharePoint Categories Service: Search Categories

  9. Enable the check box next to all categories you would like to include. Click Save to continue.
  10. In the Active Directory Categories Service main window, check the box next to a category and click Remove to make the given category unavailable in all relevant reports and analysis. You may also perform this action at any time following configuration.
  11. Click Save to confirm any changes and return to the dashboard.
  12. Go to CardioLog Scheduling Service under Administration in the navigation pane and click Restart Service in the upper right hand corner.
  13. After the next run of the User Categories Updates service, your SharePoint User Profile properties will be added to the Visitor Segments filter of each report, under User Categories.