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Training Duration 

Training Overview

Phase A

Basic End-User Training: Part 1 (video)

*High-level overview of CardioLog Analytics

1.5 hours


  • What is CardioLog Analytics?
  • Introduction to the CardioLog user interface
  • Introduction to the Analysis Centre
  • How to create, generate, edit, and share reports
  • How to add, customise, and remove widgets from the dashboard
  • How to filter the date range and website item
  • Introduction to Visitor Engagement
  • Analytics reports gallery overview - basic

Phase B

Basic End-User Training: Part 2 (video)

1.5 hours


  • Understanding user roles in CardioLog
  • Filtering by users and groups, and visitor segments
  • How to set permissions and change preferences for reports
  • How to drill down on report data
  • How to export reports to Excel, PDF or Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts
  • How to set an email distribution list for scheduled reports
  • How to create reports based on templates
  • Tips for creating efficient reports
  • Analytics reports gallery overview - intermediate

Phase C

Practical live training workshop for end-users

1 hour


  • Re-cap Phases A & B
  • Practical report-building exercises

Phase D

Advanced End-User Training: Part 1 (video)
1.5 hours
  • How to create ad-hoc reports and display real time data
  • How to search Object Explorer
  • How to select templates for an item in Object Explorer
  • How to set view permissions for items in Object Explorer
  • How to display data for deleted SharePoint items in Object Explorer
  • How to create report templates
  • How to publish reports using the CardioLog Analytics Reports SharePoint feature
  • Analytics reports gallery overview - advanced 1

Phase E

Advanced End-User Training: Part 2 (video)
1.25 hours
  • How to create and configure surveys and message bars
  • SEO Reports
  • Including metadata in reports
  • Analytics reports gallery overview - advanced 2

Phase F

Practical live training workshop for advanced end-users

1 hour
  • Re-cap Phases D & E
  • Create surveys and message bars to engage your portal audience and collect user feedback





This training is designed for CardioLog Analytics system administrators.