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You can use the "CardioLog Usage Reports" SharePoint Feature with ad-hoc reporting, which enables the submission of usage queries directly from your SharePoint portal.
  1. After installing the "CardioLog Usage Reports" SharePoint Feature, each SharePoint page displays a link to CardioLog Analytics usage reports, accessible from the Site Actions menu.
  2. Select a desired report template in order to run a real time usage report for the page you are visiting. The report is displayed in a new browser window. The default report is based on the "Site Overview" template and displays real-time data for today.
    For more information see: View CardioLog Analytics Reports from SharePoint's "Site Actions" Menu
  3. The system administrator can create published report templates for pages (objects) in the portal. These templates will be available from the portal pages.
Note: Contact your system administrator in order to install the "CardioLog Usage Reports" SharePoint feature. For more information see How to install the CardioLog Usage Reports SharePoint Feature.