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Configuring CardioLog PII Concealment

One of CardioLog's core capabilities is the ability to track authenticated users. Since some organizations and locations have strict privacy laws, CardioLog Analytics includes a feature that conceals personal data so you can benefit from rich report details and complex filtering options while still abiding by local laws. The Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Concealment tool is designed to protect this data securely, protect user information, and disable its appearance in the user interface and reports. The PII security license is configured so that the database will not return any user information requests to the user interface. Instead, the server-side service generates random IDs for each user with the PII algorithm. These ID codes are comprised of 20 alpha-numeric digits. This unique encrypted ID is the only information sent to the client side; no other personal information is shared. As a result, the client side continues to thoroughly report accurate insight without presenting any personal user information.

Within intranet portals, CardioLog collects personally identifiable user information (PII) from available organizational sources including the Active Directory, and SharePoint User Profiles. CardioLog administrators can either disable the collection of IP addresses and PII data by configuring data collection for anonymous users, or may simply hide this data from the reporting interface by enabling the PII Concealment feature.

Essentially, the PII Concealment tool encrypts or conceals information in CardioLog accordingly:

  • Reports that typically display display usernames will now show a unique, random ID
  • Report filters that display specific users, including the Users and Groups Filter, will no longer show real usernames even via search.


Unique Users Report Table with PII Concealed Enabled

To Enable PII Concealment

On the CardioLog application server, edit the [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLog\web.config file and set the following key value to "True": Then perform IISRESET on the CardioLog application server.

<add key="ConcealPII" value="True" />