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  1. Make sure you are working on a copy of the report (and not the original), then click on Edit report from the top menu:

  2. Open the Visualizations menu on the right, and select the Slicer visual:

  3.  Select the Tree Url column and then search for the URL:

Exclude Single Page Visits to the Homepage

In order to exclude single page visits to the homepage, add the Home Page Exclude Bounces filter to the report:

  1. Make sure you are working on a copy of the report (and not the original), then click on Edit from the top menu:

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  2. In the Fields menu, search for the Home Page Exclude Bounces field and drag it into the Filters section:

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  3. By default, the report includes data for all visits the homepage, including single page visits in which the user opens the homepage and then leaves to a different website or closes the browser.
    In order to exclude this data, uncheck the homepage URL:

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Ask Your Data Questions

Power BI integrates robust search features that allow you to ask natural language questions that it will interpret and use to actively filter and sort your data. Upon entering any text in the Question field at the top of your report, Power BI will immediately begin offering common suggestions. You may either select a sample question, or continue typing to complete your question phrase. If a dedicated widget does not already exist for the metric you are searching for, Power BI will automatically create a new report widget based on your question terms. 


CardioLog Analytics SaaS reports with PII Concealment feature enabled



Home Page Exclude Bounces