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The Usage Overview report contains several widgets, ready to be quickly filtered by time by using the date slider, or by page or Portal Tree level using the Portal Tree Filter. Additionally, each of the graph widgets can easily be drilled down simply by clicking on the relevant data point. All widgets in the report will respond accordingly to any drill down or filter.


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Usage Overview Report


Use the date slider to quickly change the start or end date that you would like review information for. If you'd like to choose a specific date, click either the start or end date and manually select it using the calendar popup.

SharePoint Online Page Type

Use the top right Page Type drop down to filter the report by SharePoint Online news pages.

The filter options are:

  • News Page (a page promoted as a news article, PromotedState_Key = 2)
  • Site Page (a regular site page, PromotedState_Key = 0)
  • Unpublished News Page (a page that will be promoted as a news article once published, PromotedState_Key = 1)

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SharePoint Online Page Type Filter 

SharePoint Online Hub Sites

Turn this toggle on to filter the report by a specific SharePoint Online Hub site and see cumulative analytics for all sites in the selected hub.

SharePoint Online Hub Sites Filter