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The CardioLog SaaS Tracking Agent offers a client-side API to send custom events using JavaScript, such as button clicks, banner clicks, navigation links or interactions with other UI components that display content dynamically (without redirecting to the actual content page URL). 

The sendEvent JavaScript Function

You can call the sendEvent JavaScript function on any monitored page in SharePoint (which includes the CardioLog SaaS Tracking Agent) to send events to CardioLog SaaS via the client browser. 

* @method sendEvent
* @param {JSON object} data
* @param {Function} [optional] function to be executed after the event is sent
CardioLogAgent.API.sendEvent(data, eventCallback);

The sendEvent function accepts the following parameters:

  • data - Required. The event data in JSON format. For example:
       "e":"Custom event",
    "u":"", "metaData": { "price": 5, "name": "book" } }

    e - Mandatory. Event name.
    u - Optional. The URL path where the event occurred on or derived from.
    metaData - Optional. A list of parameters and their values.

  • eventCallback - Optional. Function to be executed after the event is sent.
Code Sample

In this example, when a user clicks on the DOWNLOAD button on the home page, a popup window is opened with the download form:

Download Button

Download Form


In order to send a click event on the DOWNLOAD button with the form fields values, add a call to the sendEvent function to the button onclick event as seen below:


<input type="button" value="DOWNLOAD" onclick="openDownloadForm();

CardioLogAgent.API.sendEvent({e: 'Button Click', u: '', metaData: {name: 'DOWNLOAD NOW', firstName: 'John', lastName: 'Smith', email: '', phone:1800800800, country: 'USA'}}, function () {console.log('event sent successfully');});" />


When clicking on the button, a custom event of type ''Button Click" will be sent, indicating that the download button has been clicked on by the user. An "event sent" message will appear in the browser console.

In order to confirm that the event was sent successfully, open the browser Network tab and confirm that the request to the CardioLog Analytics SaaS events service (/cardiolog/api/client/events) returned the 200 status code.



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