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Running the Configuration Wizard

Upon activating CardioLog, the Configuration Wizard will be displayed. This wizard will help you configure the SharePoint Tracking Agent, a tool designed to monitor visitor behavior in SharePoint, and the SharePoint Adaptor, which configures the structure for your SharePoint portal. Additionally you can start the wizard at any time to reconfigure your system by going Administration in the navigation pane and opening System Configuration. Select Configuration Wizard to initialize the system. 

Login to the CardioLog server with your CardioLog service account and verify that it has the required permissions before running the wizard.

Please review this entire section before running the Configuration Wizard in order to determine the tracking mechanism that should be deployed. If you choose to deploy The CardioLog Analytics SharePoint feature, the wizard should run with SharePoint administrator privileges. 

  1. Launch CardioLog.
  2. In the Welcome dialog, select the desired interface language and date format, and your SharePoint version, then click Next.

    Configuration Wizard Step 1

  3. Step 2 of the Configuration Wizard, SharePoint Online Usage Tracking, can be performed either automatically or manually. Please select only one option to configure the Tracking Agent.

    Configuration Wizard Step 2a

  4. Click Next to continue, which will start the event collection test.

    Configuration Wizard Step 2b

  5. Follow the steps listed and click Next Step upon completing each instruction in the dialog.

Configuring Multiple Web Applications

 In order to monitor an additional web application in your existing farm, please do the following:

  1. Add the required SQL permissions to the CardioLog service account - db_datareader for the SharePoint portal content database.
  2. In the Administration pane, click System Configuration, and then select SharePoint Tree Adaptor.
  3. Click on your SharePoint farm and select the web application/s you want to monitor.
  4. Click Save
  5. In versions lower than, add the portal root URL to the "includedWebApps" key in the <CardioLog Installation Folder>\SP20XXTree\web.config file (XX - 07 for MOSS 2007, 10 for SharePoint 2010, 13 for SharePoint 2013).
  6. Restart the CardioLog Scheduling Service. The tree structure will be refreshed the next day.
  7. If you are using the CardioLog Analytics tracking feature or if you have configured the CardioLogAgent web application on the SharePoint WFEs, open the new web application in IIS Manager and verify that the CardioLogAgent folder under the "_layouts" directory is configured as a web application (if not, right click on it and select "Convert to Application").
  8. Verify data collection from the new web application.

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