With CardioLog Engage you can target the right users with the right messages at the right time by:


Campaigns Main Window

In the main Campaigns window you can view the status of each campaign, filter campaigns by status (Running/Paused/Pending/Drafts/Archive), sort campaigns by some of the campaign details or search for a specific campaign in a search bar located in the top right corner (right under the New Campaign button).

The main details of a campaign include its status, audience, and engagement percentage. 

Campaigns Main Window

How to Create a Campaign

In the Campaigns main window click Add Campaign from the upper right hand corner of the main window, and you will be taken through a series of steps to create your ideal campaign. 

  1. The first step is to decide on a goal for your campaign. You can use one of the predefined goals like notifying people about a change on a page, search for a goal, or just skip this step.

    Campaign Goal

  2. The next step is to choose an audience for your campaign. In other words, you are deciding who gets to view your campaign and who does not.

    Campaign Audience

    Campaign Audiences

    You can use one of the predefined audiences like the Newbies, the Inactives, the Engaged, the Groupies, Everyone, or create your own group:

  3. The third step is to choose your channel, or mode of communication.

    Campaign Channel

    Campaign Channels

    You can use any of the following channels:
  4. After you choose your channel, you are given Text and Design options for that specific channel. 

  5. Lastly, you pick a trigger for your campaign. In other words, you decide when your campaign will appear to the audience.

    Campaign Trigger

    Campaign Triggers

    You can use any of the following triggers:

  6. After you complete all of the steps, you view a summary of your campaign to ensure that it is what you want. You can either save the campaign as a draft or launch it by using the two buttons in the bottom right corner. The campaign summary screen includes the campaign's title, start and end dates, goal, audience, and trigger and you can change any of these factors right from the summary screen. You can analyze employee responses to your campaign via Power BI reports

    Campaign Summary

How to Edit a Campaign

To edit a campaign, you just click on the campaign and it will take you back through all of the steps. You can edit any of the steps that you would like and then you would click the update campaign button in the bottom right corner.

Edit Campaign

How to Pause, Archive or Delete a Campaign

To pause (put a hold on), archive (retire), or delete (completely finish) a campaign, you return to the Campaigns Main Window by clicking on the CardioLog Engage in the top left corner. Next, you click on the white box next to the name of the campaign and then click on either the pause, archive, or delete button in the top right corner (right under the New Campaign button).

Pause, Archive, or Delete Campaign