The Navigation reports include a collection of widgets for quickly determining how users are navigating through the portal. By understanding navigation paths of your users, important content can be moved to more popular pages, and additional relevant content can follow in the navigation path. Placing message bars, buttons or highlighting links can help users navigate to the content they need to see.


The Navigation Overview report includes popular pages and navigation information, with tools to quickly see how most users arrive on any page and where they went to next.

Visitor Journey

The Visitor Journey report includes a visual representation of all the navigation paths your users take throughout your portal, from when they first enter the portal until they leave it, showing all the ways they interact with the portal as they move toward their desired goal.

Exit Pages

The Exit Pages report describes an overview of the most common pages that users view last during a visit session. 

External Links 

The External Links report includes information about clicks on links that lead away from your portal, also known as outbound links.