Support Program Overview

Intlock is committed to providing a support program that offers high value, cost-effective options for our customers. The goal of our technical support program is to respond quickly and directly to customer issues and to continually improve upon your technical support needs. This section describes the support service tiers, methods, processes, and response targets for customer support requests.

Installation and Configuration for Commercial Trials 

Free support is available during the installation and configuration of the CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Trials. Contact us for further assistance while evaluating CardioLog Analytics or SharePoint Marketing Suite. 

Customer Support Tools

Web Support

We provide robust online access to self-help documentation. Among the online resources are: 

CardioLog Analytics

SharePoint Marketing Suite

For more information regarding technical support, please explore our knowledge base and support site, which includes guides, tutorials, FAQs, announcements and more.

Telephone and Email Support

Support Packages

Support Packages are determined by your Service Level Agreement.

Services Level Agreement is provided only to product configurations and/or topologies that comply with the product system requirements. Intlock will not provide Services Level Agreement to non-Recommended System Requirements, or alternatively charge for professional services costs to resolve these issues, according to the sole discretion of Intlock.
Please see the pricing section for more information on these options. Here are the different packages offered:

CardioLog Analytics - Standard Edition

Standard Plus Support


CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite - Professional and Enterprise Editions

    1.  Advantage Support 

    2.  Premium Support 

    3.  Elite Support 

    4.  Sunday Service Level Agreement

  Support Packages Comparison

 Standard PlusAdvantagePremiumEliteTrialLite/Free
Web Support
Product updates, bug fixes, and patches
Single installation on a production environmentx
Single installation on a test or staging environmentxxx
Single installation on multiple environmentsxxxxx
Support through a ticketing systemx
Support through email, phone, and desktop sharingx
Short product tour for startersx
Advanced product tourxxx


Severity Definitions

This table describes the levels of severity when requesting support.

Severity Level


Severity 1

Installed On-Premise

Critical Service
A critical production service is down with no immediately available workaround. Matches any of the following criteria:

  • No data collection.

  • Application failure which affects site performance.

  • Application service is down or not responding and cannot be stabilized or restarted.

Severity 1 may not be used during a new installation process, on a test server or platform, or where no production users are on the system. A service outage does not include network issues, infrastructure issues, database failure, IIS failure or insufficient system requirements.


Hosted On Microsoft Azure *

Critical Service Outage
A critical production service is down with no immediately available workaround. Matches any of the following criteria:

  • No data collection.

  • Application failure which affects site performance.

  • Application service is down or not responding and cannot be stabilized or restarted.

  • Virtual machine is down or not responding and cannot be stabilized or restarted **

  • IIS is down or not responding and cannot be stabilized or restarted **

  • SQL database service is down or not responding and cannot be stabilized or restarted ***

  • SQL database failure. ***

* Backups

To qualify for this service level agreement (SLA), a daily backup of the following is required:

  • Virtual machines using Azure backup service (additional cost)
  • SQL database using Azure Blob service (additional cost)

** High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Virtual Machine

To qualify for this SLA, virtual machines must have two or more instances deployed in the same Azure Availability Set (additional cost)

Boundaries and Exclusions:
Up-time for virtual machines hosted on Azure is based on the Microsoft Azure SLA
The Virtual Machines up-time metric does not apply to performance issues caused by the following: 

  • Overall Internet congestion, slowdown, or unavailability
  • Unavailability of generic Internet services (e.g. DNS servers) due to virus or hacker attacks
  • Force majeure events
  • Actions or inaction by the Customer, or third parties beyond the control of Intlock, excepting those following direct instruction from Intlock.
  • A result of Customer equipment or third-party computer hardware, software, or network infrastructure not within the sole control of Intlock 
  • Scheduled application upgrades and patches that occur approximately five times per year may require downtime in addition to the scheduled maintenance. The downtime will be scheduled in advance and coordinated with the Customer.

*** High Availability and Disaster Recovery for SQL Database

To qualify for this SLA, configuring SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) solutions is required (additional cost).


May not be used in the case of a new installation process, on a test server or platform, or where no production users are on the system.

Severity 2

Major Functionality
Major functionality is severely impaired. Matches any of the following criteria:

  • Service operation failure, including the portal tree update service and usage data processing.

  • Your business operations have been severely disrupted.

  • CardioLog functions are obviously not working properly.

May not be used in case a temporary workaround is available or if it affects a single or relatively small subset of users.

Severity 3

Minor Functionality
Minor functionality not working. Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the software or general usage questions. Matches any of the following criteria:

  • Impaired operations of some components, including creating and viewing reports, that does not stop users from continuing to use the software.

  • Cosmetic issues, including feedback on the documentation.

  • General configuration or use questions.

  • Upgrade, major change, and migration notifications.

  • Enhancement requests.

  • Trial edition customers.

Response Times

Support Area

Support Method

Response Time

Severity 1


1 business day

Severity 1


3 business days

Severity 2


3 business days

Severity 2


10 business days

Severity 3


4 business days

Severity 3


10 business days

Note: The target "response" time should not be confused with a "resolution" time. Resolution for a complex technical problem may require significantly more time than the targets set for response. The response targets are based on when the case has been submitted.

Support Case Method

Advantage, Premium and Elite Support Packages comes with unlimited support cases. A case is the ability to contact Intlock support directly for technical assistance. Your Support Package determines the method type (e.g. web support or phone), and how many environments are covered.


Support Case Process

Intlock is committed to resolving customer problems quickly and professionally. You can expect when you contact Intlock support:

Note: Enhancement and bug requests also funnel in through the same ticketing process. Typical resolution for enhancements will be bugs filed with Engineering who will work with the Support team to provide target release dates. You can always check enhancement and bug statuses by viewing our product roadmap.

Third Party Components

Intlock supports merely products and/or solutions within third party vendor’s Mainstream Support policy, including but not limited to Windows (OS), Windows Server, SQL Server databases, SharePoint, browsers, etc. Intlock support for products and/or solutions under third party vendor’s Extended Support policy, might requires further efforts based on professional services, which will be priced separately by Intlock upon Client’s request. Intlock at its sole discretion might not provide any support services whatsoever to any third party vendor products and/or solutions that are not being included under third party vendor’s Mainstream or Extended Support policies.

Courtesy Support Benefits - CardioLog Product Offering

As part of the CardioLog yearly support and maintenance service level agreements for all tiers, Intlock provides its loyal customers with a complimentary Voice of Customer tool. As long as your yearly CardioLog support agreement is active and renewed, then the Voice of Customer will be available for you as a complimentary license. Intlock will provide support and maintenance for this solution at no additional cost according to your existing active CardioLog service level agreement.

Training Program

Intlock offers a variety of training sessions and resources for end users and administrators. This training is devised to deliver the highest level of marketing and technical competency for our CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite solutions, tailored for our customers and authorized partners. It will also provide an in-depth understanding of how to effectively install, configure, utilize and troubleshoot the various product modules.

This training program introduces the most effective way of commissioning Intlock's products, and their related components, to the organization's stakeholders and administrators. Intlock's training program is presented by qualified product instructors who will review all of the functions of our products, as well as provide practical industry tips, and personal practice sessions.

For further information about Intlock's training offering, please refer to our detailed training program.


Migration and Re-Installation Packages

A migration and re-installation support package can be purchased for a fee of $1,500 per environment.

This package includes:

Professional Services Pricing

Price per day of complete professional services - $1,500. 

Intlock reserves the right to use parts or all development projects, such as new features, components, modules, and other professional services for any purpose Intlock sees fit.