Running the Uninstall Wizard

  1. In order to repair CardioLog, we recommend uninstalling the application and then re-installing the lastest version. Uninstalling does not affect data collection continuity.
  2. Stop CardioLog Scheduling Service and CardioLog Diagnostics Service
  3. From the Windows Start Menu, go to All Programs and right-click on CardioLog Analytics and select Uninstall.
  4. Follow the Uninstall Wizard steps.

Note: In order to ensure the continuity of usage data collection in repair/upgrade scenarios, the CardioLog installer does NOT remove the following components during uninstall:

Running the Install Wizard

  1. Open CardioLog-Analytics-X.X.X.exe
  2. Follow the Installation Wizard steps.
  3. Start CardioLog Scheduling Service and CardioLog Diagnostics Service.