This report shows the number of events, filtered by event name or URL address. An event is a view or click on any specified webpage or website item. This report is designed for tracking custom events such as mouse clicks on specific UI elements. It is typically used for campaign tracking, however it can also be used to filter reports by a specific URL address or all page URLs beginning with a specific URL address.

Events Report



Available Report Widgets

Meter, Chart, Table, Map


Table Widget

The Events table widget contains the following columns:


Map Widget

This report provides a world map representing all events by country. Countries are color coded, with darker colors representing higher values. The key in the bottom right corner of the widget displays the highest value for any country shown. Mouse over a country to display the number of page views. CardioLog Analytics uses internal and third-party data to derive visitors' geographic locations from their IP addresses. Use the tools on the left side of the widget to zoom in and out of the map, and to navigate around the map.