This report shows the different websites and sources that lead visitors to your website. Typically the table widget will include search engines, partner sites, social media, email campaigns and more. "Direct" refers to users who typed the address directly into their browser, or arrived via a browser bookmark. Learn more about campaigns for driving traffic to your site.


Available Report Widgets

Chart, Table


The chart widget show the external source types that led to your SharePoint site ranked by total number of visitors for each type.

Table Widget

The All Traffic Sources table widget displays pages that users exited your selected SharePoint site from. The Exit Pages table widget contains the following columns:

  • Source - The title or URL of the page or campaign.
  • Visits - The total number of visits from the page during the selected time period.
  • Users - The total number of visitors who arrived from the listed source to your site during the selected time period.
  • Visit Duration - The average length of time spent on your site by visitors who arrived from the listed source.
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of times visitors viewed only one page of your site once they arrived from the listed source.
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