CardioLog Engage is an intelligent communication and engagement solution that is a message focused service aimed at boosting adoption and driving consumption.

Its job is to get the right message to the right user at the best possible time to make the message as relevant as can be in order to be as effective as possible.

CardioLog Engage allows you to target users based on their characteristics and behavior and send them messages in all popular communication channels. You can send emails, text messages (SMS), automated phone calls or show in-app (pop-up) messages directly on SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365.

Using CardioLog Engage you can:

  • Understand your platform trends and adoption rates over time

  • Take action based on the user behavior and information to further engage platform users

  • Get additional feedback from users by asking the right question at the right time

  • Reduce the amount of email that gets sent to employees by sending messages only to the right people

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