Many functions in CardioLog Analytics do not require all components to be configured immediately. However, to get the most benefit out of CardioLog, you can consult the Configuration Checklist to confirm that all aspects of the program are ready for use. Components that are active are checked off, those that are not yet complete are labelled with a number and include a link to the relevant section of CardioLog to continue configuration, and components that you do not currently plan on configuring may be temporarily hidden. In the example below Active Directory integration has been temporarily ignored, and Email configuration has not yet been completed. 

The seven steps listed include:

  • Setup user roles - Define users and their permissions to allow people to sign into CardioLog and access the information they need
  • Connect to AD - Integrate your Active Directory user list to manage and analyze logged-in users to your site. There are also options for custom user databases.
  • Email configuration - Integrate email directly into report sharing and setup system alerts for administrators
  • Tune data collection - Define the information you would like to collect about your site, and filter out information that is not relevant to your needs
  • Set goals - Set goals and monitor their progress for marketing or growth campaigns
  • Create new visitor segments - Create visitor groups defined by their interactions with your site
  • Create analytic reports - Create reports and report templates so you can start learning more about your SharePoint site!

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