This report displays the most popular contributions by all users, ranked by the number of page views. A contribution is an added list item, document, post, comment, discussion or reply. 

To view this report you can drill down on a specific user in the Content Contributors report to view the contributions added by the user.

Available Report Widgets


Table Widget

You can select which contributions to include or exclude from the Advanced tab within the widget preferences.The Content Contributions table widget contains the following columns:

  • Title - The title or URL of a list item or document.
  • Views - Views is the total number of page view by all users. Repeated views of a single item are counted.
  • Created On - The date the item was created.
  • Owner - Username of person who originally uploaded a file or page, created a post, created a comment or reply, .

In the Content Contributions table widget Advanced preferences, you may choose which Item type you would like to view.

  • Comments - User comments on all relevant posts and uploads
  • Discussions - All user discussions
  • Documents - Enter a file extension to include only files of that type
  • List Items - All single item and multiple item lists
  • Microblog Post - All microblog posts available in the portal
  • Microblog Comment - All comments on all microblog posts available in the portal
  • Posts - All relevant social posts 
  • Replies - All relevant replies to any social posts or uploads
  • Web Pages - All relevant pages that have been created by a user

In the table widget Advanced preferences, you may also choose to filter according to a specific file extension.

  1. Select Documents from the Item Type drop down menu.
  2. Enter the desired text string (ie. doc, pdf, jpg) in the text box next to Document Type
  3. Click Save to confirm your choice. 

    Note: You may only filter one file type at a time.


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