This report lists files uploaded to a specific SharePoint portal that have been modified after they were uploaded. You can select which item types to include in the report in the "Advanced" tab in the widget preferences. This report was formerly known as the Document Modifications Report.


Content Modifications Report

Available Report Widgets

Chart, Table

Chart Widget

The chart widget displays the cumulative number of modifications to all selected types of files and documents, over a specific range of time.

Table Widget

The Content Modifications table widget contains the following columns:

  • Title - The name of the content item
  • Modifications - The cumulative number of modifications made to the listed item through the selected time frame.
  • Views - The total number of page views of the listed item.
  • Last Modified - The time and date of the most recent edit.
  • Last Modified By - The user name of the last authenticated user to modify the listed file.

In the table widget Advanced preferences, you may also choose to filter by file type. Simply type in the desired text string (ie. doc, pdf, jpg) and click Save to confirm your choice. You may only filter one file type at a time.

Note: Both the chart and table widget have an advanced setting that allows you to view only specific content items. The options are:

  • Documents
  • List Items
  • Web Pages
  • Wiki Pages
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