The Goal Summary report presents a widget with details about a specific, selected Goal. The widget will only display relevant information once a pre-configured goal has been selected in the widget's filter preferences, under Visitor Segments, as shown below. 


Select Visitor Segments - Widget Filter Preferences


The Goal summary widget includes the following statistics for the selected goal, within the selected time range:

  • Total Completions - The total number of times the goal was achieved.
  • Unique Users - The total number of unique visitors who completed the goal.
  • First Time
  • New Channels
  • % of all Visits - The percentage of visit sessions that included a completed goal 
  • % of all Visitors - The percentage of visitors who completed the goal out of all visitors to your site
  • % Completions per User - The ratio of 
  • Avg. Number of Visits to Completion - The average number of visit sessions a user makes before completing a goal at least once.
  • Avg. Number of Channels to Completion
  • Avg. Time to Completion - The average time in hours users took to complete the goal at least once.
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