This report lets you see which mobile devices your visitors use to access your website, including smartphones and tablets. Optimizing your site for smaller screens, and touch screens helps to make your site more engaging and usable, which aids in a more pleasant and useful experience for your users.


Mobile Devices Report

Available Report Widgets

Chart, Table


The chart widget displays page views on the vertical (X axis)

Table Widget

The Mobile Devices table widget contains the following columns:

  • Mobile Device - The name of each known type or model of device.
  • Views - The number of page views from the listed device.
  • Unique Users - The number of different visitors associated with the listed device as identified by login information, or an anonymous cookie, or IP address.
  • Visits - The number of visits from each listed device. Visits are a series of SharePoint page requests from the same uniquely identified client with a time of no more than 30 minutes between each page request.
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