This report displays the pages with most violations on your web site.

Page violations refer to site pages that conflict with search engine optimization (SEO) practice. Drill Down on a specific page or item to view the violations found on it. Violations could negatively affect your website and decrease the chances that it will be found and ranked well by search engines, and therefore users. Some of these violations may include multiple URLs on a site leading to the same content, broken links on a page, invalid markup, poorly chosen titles, descriptions or keywords. For an in depth list and description of violation types, see the Violations report.


Pages With Most Violations table widget

Note: Currently, SEO Reports may be viewed from SEO Reports, under Acquisition.

Note: Using this report requires prior configuration in SEO Reports - Configuration.

Available Report Widgets



Table Widget

The Pages with Most Violations table widget contains the following columns:

  • Title - The title or URL of a page or document
  • Violation Count - Violation count is the number of violations currently found on the page.
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