CardioLog integrates with external applications using plug-ins to help get even more information out of your data. Dynamics CRM enables you to record anonymous visitor activity, and identify companies as soon as they click on your website. Once potential customers make contact with you, their visit history can be instantly added to their personal profile, helping you to know who they are and what they're looking for. CRM integration allows you to include behavioral scoring, so that you can assess a particular visitor's readiness to buy. Each potential customer gains a custom score based on the volume and frequency of their visits, page views, searches and more. By tracking their behavior on your website, SharePoint CRM integration allows you to determine how interested your visitors are. Additionally, SharePoint CRM integration includes navigation intelligence, such as what search keywords they used to find your site, or what external webpages led them to you. 

By integrating your CardioLog data into Microsoft Power BI, you can use even more tools to visualize and compare data from within your organization, even if it was not collected by CardioLog, such as usage data from a mobile app, or company sales reports. Additionally, you can use Power BI's question based filters to simply enter a question and have Power BI automatically sort out your filtered results for you.

Learn more about integrating these technologies with CardioLog by clicking the links below:


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