Report Data Cache

Widgets are displayed in cached mode when editing an existing report to enhance performance and lower load times. Widgets in cached mode display will not always display the most recent data. To view the most recent data for a widget, click Refresh in the Actions menu on the left side of the top toolbar.

A refreshed widget will display data according to the list below, depending on the time frame selected in the top right corner of the page. 

  • This Hour - shows cached data until the last rounded minute.
  • This Day - shows cached data until the last rounded hour.
  • This Week - shows cached data until last rounded hour.
  • This Month - shows cached data until last rounded day.
  • This Quarter - shows cached data until last rounded day.
  • This Year - shows cached data until last rounded day

Report data caching is enabled by default. The cached data is stored in the database for 182 days.

All Report Data Caching settings can be found in under Administration. In System Configuration click Reporting Data. The following settings are available:

  • Enable Reporting Data Caching - We recommend this stays enabled, but you can deselect this option to force Reports to refresh widgets every time they are opened. This may slow down performance. 
  • Cache life time in days - Enter the amount of days you would like to keep cached data on the servers 
  • Clear Cache - Click this to clear all cached data for widgets in all reports
  • Click Save to confirm any changes you have made.

    Report Data Cache Configuration

    System Configuration - Reporting Data 

Un-Quarantine Reporting Data

CardioLog Analytics initially arrives with a license limit of page views per month depending on which package is installed. This license limit can be increased in tiers, up to an unlimited views option for an additional fee. When 85% of your monthly page view license quota is reached, a warning will be displayed in the CardioLog Analytics user interface. If the allowed number of page views per month is exceeded, the user interface will be blocked. Although event collection will continue, the extra events will be sent to quarantine. In order to un-quarantine usage data upon purchasing a new license, go to Administration. In System Configuration click Reporting Data. Click Unquarantine All. This option only appears after the limit has been exceeded, and the license has been increased to accommodate your needs. Please Contact Us for more information if your data has been quarantined.


Reporting Data Configuration Window

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