CardioLog Analytics' integrates with Sitrion in order to generate usage statistics about your Sitrion network activity. Data is available based on user and community activity, community membership trends, popular posts and questions, and more. All reports are available via the CardioLog Analytics user interface. 


  • db_datareader permission on the Sitrion database is required. By default the name of the database is NewsGator_SocialServices

Configure the Sitrion Adaptor

  1. In the navigation pane under Administration, click System Configuration. Select Social Adaptor from the main window.

    System Configuration Main Window

  2. In the top right corner, click Add and select Sitrion.

    System Configuration - Social Adaptor 
  3. Fill in the following details in the configuration settings dialog:
    1. Status - Active
    2. Database Server - Sitrion SQL Server instance name
    3. Database Name - Pre-populated with 'NewsGator_SocialServices'. Contact Intlock Support if you wish to change it.
    4. Authentication - User name and password that will be used to connect to Sitrion database.

    Sitrion Adaptor Settings
  4. Sitrion data will be retrieved as part of the Social Updates service job, which is located in CardioLog Scheduling Service

    CardioLog Scheduling Service - Social Updates
  5. If you would like to execute the job immediately, schedule it to run Once and click OK.
  6. Upon completing configuration steps, report data will be available in Sitrion Reports.


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