This report lists the most rated content within your social site, the average rating, and the number of users who rated the content.

Rated Content Table Widget


Available Report Widgets


Table Widget

The Rated Content table widget contains the following columns:

  • Title: The name or URL of a document or page
  • Average Rating: The cumulative average rating the item or page has received through the selected time range.
  • Raters: The total number of users who have rated the content item or page

In the Rated Content table widget filter preferences, you may choose which Item type you would like to view.

  • Comments - User comments on all relevant posts and uploads
  • Discussions - All user discussions
  • Documents - All relevant files uploaded
  • List Items - All single item and multiple item lists
  • Posts - All relevant social posts 
  • Replies - All relevant replies to any social posts or uploads
  • Web Pages - All relevant pages that have been created by a user
  • Wiki Pages - All relevant community edited pages
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