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An administrator can assign roles to users and groups in CardioLog.

Note: An Administrator role is automatically assigned to the user who installs the product. By default, access to the CardioLog UI is denied for users and groups that are not assigned with a system role. Additionally, by default, access is denied to those who are not defined in Active Directory (user names and group names are retrieved by the Active Directory Updates service).

  1. In the Navigation pane, under Administration, click Roles.
  2. In the Central Area, click Add.
  3. In the Add Role dialog, enter a user/group name in the Name text box.
  4. While entering the user/group name, click on Browse (...) or Ctrl+K to search for a user/group.
  5. Select the check boxes to assign permissions to the user/group.
  6. Click Save.

    Note: user permissions precede group permissions.


    Add Role dialog


    Select users and groups

  7. To edit a role, click on it.

    Edit Role dialog

  8. To remove a role, select it and click Remove.

Permission Assignment Examples

  1. In order to grant permissions for Analysis Center to all users in the MyCompany\Site Managers group - excluding a specific user, set the following permissions:
    - Assign the Analyst and Information Worker roles for the group
    - Assign the Information Worker role for the user (which belongs to the above group)

    Permission assignment sample

  2. The default group "All" is used to assign roles to all users. To prevent all users from using the SharePoint Marketing Suite, and to assign a specific group permissions to use the system, set the following permissions:
    - Un-check all roles for the "All" group
    Check roles for a specific user group

    Using the "All" default group to assign permissions to all users in Active Directory
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