Augmented Analytics drives SharePoint and Microsoft 365 adoption and users’ productivity with AI-driven data analytics maps that pinpoints problematic areas on the SharePoint page so you can take action based on the data. 

The following Augmented Analytics' data maps are available to help managers and stakeholders understand what data is consumed and what actions can be taken to improve:

Visualizing the tracked data in different formats helps with easier interpretation and analysis, and therefore making the digital workplace more efficient and productive for users.

With the different maps listed above, organizations can quickly and easily:

  • Find out where to add links directly to the home page and how much time it will save you

  • Find out what valuable information to move from the bottom of the page to the top

  • Find out which images to turn to a clickable link and how much time it will save you per week

  • Find out what content can be removed in order to surface more popular content


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