CardioLog Engage is a message focused service aimed to increase communication within the workplace and boost adoption. Its job is to get the message to as many relevant employees as possible and find the best ways to increase the reach, the chances they will actually see the message, and the chances for them to engage.

CardioLog Engage Schematic Overview

How it works

With CardioLog Engage you can create campaigns, define the goal you are trying to achieve and the type of employees you are after based on their behavior and actions, and target them via email, SMS, outbound calls, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or directly with a pop-up on the portal.

  1. Set the goal for your messageInitiate employee interaction: You can choose from a predefined goal or create your own personalized message from scratch
  2. Choose your targeted audience - Select which employees to message: You can target everyone or define a segment based on their organizational information (department, role, etc.) and their past behavior (pages they've visited, goals they've accomplished)
  3. Choose a communication channel - Create a way to prompt action: You can send your audience a message via email, SMS, pop-up (in-app) message on SharePoint, automated phone call or even send the message to any third-party service such as Microsoft Teams
  4. Gain understanding from employee feedback - Analyze employees’ responses in Power BI: You can explore your target audience’s reaction or motivate them to take action, such as updating content, attending a session, completing their training and more

When you initially open CardioLog Engage, you will see a sign in button. You simply click on that button and login to CardioLog Engage with your user account (requires Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) license). If you do not have an account yet, click on sign up. 

Once you login to CardioLog Engage you will be able to create campaigns and analyze the responses in Power BI.

CardioLog Engage Login Screen

Please note: When PII concealment is enabled, the following data is concealed by default in CardioLog Engage:

  1. User account name (UPN), display name and email address
  2. SharePoint group names
  3. SharePoint user profile attribute values (configurable, you can select which attributes to conceal and which ones not to conceal in the CardioLog Engage configuration page).

Hence, it is not possible to choose a targeted audience or a channel that is based on specific users, groups and/or concealed user profile attributes when PII concealment is enabled.



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