The Visitor Adoption reports include a broad array of options for gaining insight about new and returning visitors to your site. The reports give an overview of all visitors, allow you to focus on existing active and inactive users, or target only new visitors.

Visitor Adoption Overview

The Visitor Adoption Overview report includes a collection of widgets for gaining broad insight into your visitors' habits with just a glance.

Visitor Adoption KPIs

Learn how much money you are losing from inactive user licenses and creating and storing unused content and help translate time wasted and bad user experiences into monetary value; with actions such as failed searches or experiencing slow pages.

Active & Inactive Users

Learn more about which users have engaged with your site recently and who hasn't. By understanding which of your users are not adopting well to the portal, you can begin to find and target their issues, and allocate training to those users. You can than continue to manage resources more effectively by focusing training on the users, groups and departments who need it based on accurate data.



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