Upon opening CardioLog Analytics you will be presented with several options alongside the screen in the navigation pane, which persist there across pages. Depending on a user's role, they will have access to different sections of the application. Complete access to application will provide a main screen that includes the following sections:

  • Report Center - Create scheduled reports using diverse web analytics metrics. These reports can be exported and shared with colleagues and associates.
  • Analysis Center - Create detailed real-time and ad-hoc web analytics reports.
  • Optimization - Create A/B and multi-variate tests to improve performance across different user groups.
  • Acquisition - Improve the content and structure of your website by identifying SEO violations like broken links and performance issues.
  • Visitor Engagement - Create, design and implement surveys and message bars throughout your website, and create real-time website personalization rules to display content designed to appeal to specific visitor segments.
  • Settings - Create report templates, goals and visitor segments. 
  • Administration - Manage diagnostics and configure system settings.


CardioLog Analytics User Interface


  • Use either the left Navigation pane or the central area of the Main Window to access different parts of the application.

CadioLog Analytics Navigation Pane


  • The Central Area initially displays a summary of each section.
  • Once an item is selected from the navigation pane, the Main Window displays a summary of that section's options.

CardioLog Analytics Main Window



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