This report details the each time a visitor has navigated through your site in a single session. Visits are defined as all activities of one visitor within a single browser session. If a visitor is inactive on your site for at least 30 minutes, any future activity will be attributed to a new session. Visitors that leave your site and return within up to 30 minutes will be reported as a single session. Visit sessions are tallied irrespective of which browser tab or window has been used. 


  • While 30 minutes is the default idle time before starting a new session, you can configure visit idle time to suit your needs.
  • The Map widget is based on GEO location (the public visitor IP), and can only be used for public websites. It cannot be used for intranet portals, even if the user accesses the site from outside the network through a proxy or VPN.


Visits Report


Available Report Widgets

Meter, Chart, Map  

Map Widget

This widget provides a visual representation of unique user visit sessions by country. Countries are color coded, with darker colors representing higher values, with the highest value indicated by the legend in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. You can mouse over a country to display the number of unique users. CardioLog Analytics uses internal and third-party data to derive visitors' geographic locations based on their IP addresses.

Chart Widget

The chart widget displays the number of sessions in regular intervals relevant to the selected time range. Values may not be summed for individual columns in the chart widget. Sessions, like unique visitors, cannot be summed because they might span over 2 columns in the chart.

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