CardioLog ships with a built in set of Visitor Reports ready to help you understand in detail how often different types of visitors view and return to your website, and what platforms they're using to view your site. Information can be gathered into segments, allowing you to learn which people respond better to e­mail campaigns and which groups arrive via social media posts like Facebook. By using visitor profiles, you'll learn where to best invest your time and resources. Use the following reports to:

  • Understand more about each visitor
  • ­Get visitor demographics reports and segments
  • ­Analyze visitor behavior, click paths and multiple channels
  • ­Link potential customers' information with their activity

Visitor Reports include:


Add Visitor Widgets to Dashboard Selection

Key Features

  • Detailed individual analysis - click paths, page views, conversions and more
  • ­Cohort analysis
  • ­Real­time segmentation based on browsing behavior, social profile and more
  • Multi­channel analysis
  • ­Integration with Intlock's website personalization tools


Aggregate data can show you the overall number of times a page on your website has been viewed, but it's also important to remember that each view represents an actual person. The old model of page-focused analytics is gradually being replaced by a more sophisticated individualized approach that allows for a larger mine of information. With Visitor Activity and Information, you can learn a lot about your users and potential customers, including the sources that drove them to your website, and the route they took through your site. Our detailed reports allow you to go back and look at every click an individual visitor took on each visit to your site, which pages they viewed, and which goals and funnels they completed. Our visitor profiles can also enable you to learn your potential customer's location, company, their SharePoint submissions and more.

Furthermore, your visitor profiles can be used to create advanced segments, which are essential for making truly useful strategic decisions. Use segmentation to allow you to focus on a limited group of people who share specific experiences on your website and profile details. That way, you can compare visitors who saw a given campaign on your website in January to those who saw it in February, for example. What's more, with individualized analytics, you can identify different customer types to help you discover which marketing tactics have more impact on each type of visitor. See whether your potential customers are engaged, and what to do about it.

Armed with visitor profile information, Intlock offers many ways to segment your potential customers in real time, based on their browsing behavior or social media profile (eg., married men under 30 from New York). You may define dependent relationships (eg., at least two previous visits and newsletter subscriber), and you can even specify the order that events occur (eg., visitors who have checked delivery costs after adding products to their cart). Segmentation can based on your visitors' Facebook accounts, including basic personal information and number of friends; how they enter keywords in their search; amount of time spent on a page, and many other behavioral and personal factors.

You can use visitor profile analysis of your potential customers' behavior and their click paths to create more targeted campaigns, or to find high­ performing audiences in new channels. By using our multi­-channel analysis, you can quickly also find out which channels work best for you: Where do your most valuable visitors come from? Which channels convert the best? By linking potential customer profiles and their activity on your website, you can conduct effective, precisely ­targeted campaigns.


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