Shorten links to more easily share them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, in blog posts and email. Here you can also save and track the activity of each shortened link.

  • Shorten URLs with a single click
  • View the number of clicks on each link 
  1. Type or paste the URL you wish to shorten in the text box and click Shorten. The URL will automatically be added to the list below.
  2. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the shortened link to your clipboard.

  3. You can add personalized content for this link by clicking Personalize Content. A popup dialog will appear, click Continue to create a separated segment for that link.

    Personalize Content Dialog

  4. The next page that will appear is the Add Personalized Content (See how to Create Personalized Content in Behavioral Targeting).  The personalized content you have added can be further configured in Behavioral Targeting.

Note that using this module requires pre-configuration (See Configuring Short Links).

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